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What´s left of the Old Hué gives a vague idea of how the Citadel and Imperial City looked like during the times of the Nguyen dynasty. Was the city as enchanting as its remains are striking with their absence? What was the ideal of beauty? Who were the artists? Which details are authentic and what is much later translation of former splendor?
Presuming that I´m not the only person interested, adding the great outreach of internet, the blog may be a platform for us who want to know more and who have something to tell about the city of Hué. In time.

The Secret Council Chamber, Co Mat Phong

Forbidden Hué South-EastPosted by Krystyna Kierebinski Sun, December 29, 2013 18:53:35

The Co Mat Council was the place where the most important mandarins gathered to advice the emperor. The building was situated in the forbidden part of the citadel complex.
As the pictures below are showing, there must have been a quite significant entrance to the mandarins council. I´m not sure from which side the Co Mat could be entered, probably from the west, the area reserved only for the emperor.

Elephants infront of the gate leading to Co Mat Council. Postcard from private collection.

Gate leading to the Co Mat. Building itself partly visible in opening of the left gate section. Postcard from private collection.

Gate seen from the Co Mat Council. On the area between the gate and the building the wall-screen and the bronze ceremonial tripod. Postcard from private collection.

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