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What´s left of the Old Hué gives a vague idea of how the Citadel and Imperial City looked like during the times of the Nguyen dynasty. Was the city as enchanting as its remains are striking with their absence? What was the ideal of beauty? Who were the artists? Which details are authentic and what is much later translation of former splendor?
Presuming that I´m not the only person interested, adding the great outreach of internet, the blog may be a platform for us who want to know more and who have something to tell about the city of Hué. In time.

Treasury Noi Vu

Imperial Hué, East, centerPosted by Krystyna Kierebinski Sun, December 29, 2013 14:54:56
Building in the French style, the treasury of the household, where the luxurious objects were stored; old crockery, ivory, silk, tortoiseshell, tiger bones, royal clothes.

Together with three others buildings the Noi Vu formed a square yard. These other buildings were workshops.

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